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Q & A
Q: Are you still looking for people to write detailed reviews of your products? If so what products are you looking to be reviewed?
A: Yes, we��re still looking for reviewers. All items on can be probably be reviewed.
Q: I see that you sponsored the one who only has 3,000 subscribers on Youtube. So why did you reject me ?
A: We sponsored him because he is in France . We just need French Youtube reviewers that have 3000 subscribers. Actually, we set up different requirements based on many factors.
As we know, there are millions of Youtube Channels in North America and many of them do well . So requirements are also higher.
Q: Can I get to choose products to review and keep them afterwards?
A: Yes, you could tell us what products you��d like to review , and we��ll decide the final samples according to your suggestion and our needs.
Of course you can keep the products after reviewing.
Q: Can you sponsor my team?
A: I am sorry that has stopped to sponsor any airsoft teams or events, because it makes little progress on extending our business. And there are too many teams needing support that we cannot afford so much.
But to support teams, we could give 15%~ 25% discounts if the order is over 300 USD. If you are interested, I am glad to offer you more information about it and try our best to support your team.
Q: Can you send some patches and T-shirts for us to spread your reputation?
A: I��m sorry that we don't have T-shirts or patches or vests with our logo right now. But we will take it into consideration to make some patches as a gift for our customers with our logo.
   Reviewer Recruitment Program

Win ASP Points by Sharing Us on SNS

Rules are follows:

1. Share our product images with links or share your shopping experience on any SNS such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, VK, Picasa, Google+, Wordpress etc., you will get 50 Points. MAX 1 post per day please.

2. Upload images review on products page you will get 100 Points.

Go to My Orders, click write a review, then click Post Images, make sure upload at least 3 images.

Extra 100 Points awards if you share 3 photos with product link on your Facebook. MAX 1 post per day please.

3. Upload video review on products page you will get 200 Points.

Go to My Orders, click write a review, then click a video, please noted we only accept video URL from YouTube. Make sure videos last 2 minutes at least with clear screen and products links in the description

Extra 100-300 points awards for great videos.

We will add the points into your account within 1 business day after you contact us through our Facebook or Email.


Free Products for Pro Reviewers

Good at reviewing airsoft products ?
Active on Social Media such as Youtube , Facebook , Blog or Forums etc?
Interested in being a reviewer for ?
If so, just come to join our Reviewer Recruitment Program !

Reviewer Recruitment Program is a project aiming at making more people know better about our products. We'd like to provide free products for you to make an detailed and in-depth review with images or videos.
Usually, we would provide free samples to you at the first time. Then we'll examine the feedbacks of the review to see whether we'll continue the partnership. If you did great, we can keep a long term partnership and send you 1~2 shipments every month.

Before you apply the program, please take some time to see if you match our conditions .

For Youtube reviewers
Subscribers over 20000 for North America channels
Subscribers over 10000 for Europe channels
Subscribers over 1000 for Oceania and South America channels
Note: The requirements are various from different countries, you can contact us if you are close to our requirements.

For Facebook reviewers
Airsoft team or group's Facebook.
The team leader or the page owner.
Like amount over 5000.

For Blog reviewers
Views over 1000 per day.
Subscribers over 5000 .

For Forum reviewers
The admin or moderator of the forum.
Forum members over 1000 .
Playing airsoft for over 4 years and well-experienced in reviewing airsoft products.

Note If there is still a little distance from our requirements and you want to promote our website, we welcome you to join our ASP Reward Points Program or Affiliate Program. Just take a little time for more information and choose the one you'd like to join!

If you meet the above requirements, please contact us directly! Fill in the below form for quicker response.

Also, if there is any other questions, please feel free to contact us!


Full Name:
E-Mail Address:

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