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Q: When will I get the ASP Reward Points?
A: Once you submit your require to us, well get back to you in a business day. If your submission is approved by us, well send the points to your account within 3 business days.
Please note, the more information you provide for us to check, the quicker you receive the reward points.
Q: How to use my ASP points ?
A: If you have accumulated some ASP points, you can redeem them for your purchase on ASP. When you check out, on the payment information page, you can choose to use points as one of your payment method. Once you confirm your order, your Shopping Points account will be updated and the points used are deducted from your points account.
Please note, the maximum amount allowed to redeem per order is 1000 points ($10.00).
Q: Will I earn points for discounted products?
A: Yes. When calculating the amount of points earned, items which have been discounted are also included.
Q: Will I earn points for shipping fees?
A: Yes. When calculating the amount of points earned, the shipping fees are included.
Q: Will I earn points when purchasing with points ?
A: Yes. But the part purchasing by redeeming points will not be rewarded with additional points.
Q: Where to check my points ?
A: You can check your points in My Points. There, you can see your points history.
   ASP Reward Points Program
What is ASP Points ?
Customers would earn shopping points which we call ASP Points through their purchasing on
They can use ASP Points to pay for order if they have accumulated some.
The exchange rate of spending on products to earn points is : 1 $ = 3 ASP points
The exchange rate of earned points to money redeeming for future purchasing : 1000 points = 10 $
Note: The ASP Points can only be applied to item cost, but cannot be applied to shipping fees.

What is ASP Reward Points Program? Reward Points Program is a kind of extended program besides affiliate program. It is a program that allows you to generate reward points from every sharing you have done for us.
Actually, many people love and would like to share us, but they do not want to join affiliate program. So we make this special program to reward those people and encourage more and more people to share us with others.
Share and get reward points!

What to share ?
Videos, banners, images, posts, links, coupons, any of these formats information related to

Where to share ?
Personal Social Networks, Youtube /Facebook /Twitter /Blogger /Google+ /Pinterest , etc.
Public Websites, where you can register and post informations, such as review websites, coupon websites, freebie share websites.
Forums , any forums about airsoft.
There is no limit to the language , you can use any language you are familiar with.
Note: If you own a personal blog or Youtube channel or public website , we strongly recommend you to join our Affiliate Program!

How much you can get ?
Youtube Videos 200 - 1000 points per video. It requires to add our website link or product links
Forum Posts 50 points per image. Extra points will be added if there is some description text along with the image. Also links required. 100 - 500 per forum post.
Blog Posts 100 - 500 points per blog review post
Note: For Blog and Forum posts, link, product pictures and descriptions are the 3 factors. And We estimate the points according to the post details, views/replies amount.
Review Websites 100 - 300 points per post on review website .
Links 30 points per link on personal websites, 50 points per link on forums. Short link / tiny url instead of url link is not accepted
Coupons 50 points on one website/forums. Share discount coupon code, freebie coupon code, promotion coupon code on any websites are valid.
Note: If you own a personal blog or Youtube channal or public website , we strongly recommend you to join our Affiliate Program
Note: If you own a personal blog or Youtube channal or public website , we strongly recommend you to join our Affiliate Program!

1. All of the sharing items you submitted to us should be posted by yourself, you guarantee the copyright is yours.
2. Posts should be more than 100 words.
3. Only one post on the same forum every day, no more than 3 times sharing on your personal websites (comment on other website is not included).
4. Your sharing content should be keep online at least 24 hours after you post it.
5. reserves all the rights to explain, modify, and end this program without further advice.

How to start the ASP Reward Points Program?
Fill in the below blank and submit.
After we check it, you'll receive the ASP Reward Points in 3 business days.
Just so easy ! Lets get start !
(Note: The asterisk is required)

*Full Name:
*Type of Your Share
(Video, Post, Review, Image, Link, Coupon, etc)
*Sharing Site
(Youtube, Forum, Blog, Personal Website like Facebook or Twitter, Public Website like Review Website or Coupon Website)
*Your ASP Account (Email Address)
We will send the reward points into your ASP account if your submission is approved by us after checking.
*Your Order Number
(If you're sharing the products bought from us,please give us your order number.)

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