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Element Helmet Rail Adapter Set for COMTAC I/II Tan
Item ID: 10126
(Added: 2012-06-13 )
(17 ) (56)
Price:  $25.99 $20.79  
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Total price: $ 20.79
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Product Description  

  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with COMTAC I/II headset
  • Weight: 168g
  • Color: Tan

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Posted by Abdullah I*** on 2017-05-26
Details: Nice product.. Reccomend with comtac z tac II headphones Thanks
0 0
Posted by JUAN JOSE PINEDA C*** on 2017-03-11
Details: Great product, fits perfectly on my Emerson Fast Helmet, And they look great.
0 0
Posted by Omer T*** on 2017-03-02
Details: This helmet rail adapter fits perfectly on Emerson helmet rails. I like it.
0 0
Posted by Carlos J*** on 2016-11-07
Details: They work perfectly, I just needed to bend the wire a little cause they were a little open from my ears. Excellent companion for the Comtac.
0 0
Posted by Yuriy I*** on 2015-04-01
Details: Good quality item, made of good plastic and sturdy metal. Fits Ztac Comtac 2 perfectly, but ain't fit right on my rails, so this is the problem. I've got FMA kevlar-aramide FAST Maritime cut helmet, and adapter ain't hold securely, so I had to make some enhancements. The comfort with this adapter increases, but it takes much rail space to hold. Overall it's good item with some fitting problems to FMA Helmet.
0 0
Posted by Louis C*** on 2014-08-19
Details: It's a great addition to any helmet setup, but the rail mounts don't fit my FMA Fast helmet very well, I had to improvise a little to make them fit tight. Other than that they work very well and the extra rail space you can add on them is really useful. Great product.
0 0
Posted by Gabriel P*** on 2014-05-17
Details: I enjoyed this product and was described exactly in the ad. I was afraid it would be difficult to install but was okay. But buyer beware, they look bulky on your helmet!
0 0
Posted by Carlos Z*** on 2014-05-03
Details: Good product, easy to use and very good price, can be used on everything helmet with rails
0 0
Posted by Matthew C*** on 2014-04-09
Details: This is a very good quality product. Comtacs fit very well, the only problem is that they don't fit very tightly in the rails on the helmet. But more comfortable to wear than wearing bulky Comtacs under a fully padded helmet. I'd recommend them, but remember they only work on Peltor style ear defenders. Others don't fit
0 0
Posted by Travis F*** on 2014-04-02
Details: If your like me and you broke your plastic headpiece that wraps around your head on your comtac headsets, and you run a fast helmet, or similar. This product is for you. I have noticed on teammates setup, it doesn't fit quite properly around their ears due to the lack of adjustment, but it works great with me. Maybe they just have small heads. Highly recommend, works well.
0 0
Posted by Derrick H*** on 2014-03-27
Details: This item does exactly what it is designed to do. It also comes with the parts necessary to add rails to the comtac mount to replace the space used by the mount itself.
0 0
Posted by Torsten L*** on 2014-03-19
Details: nice and stabil quality. the ztactical comtac 2 fits very good
0 0
Posted by Luis A*** on 2014-02-03
Details: Buen producto, cumple la funcin para la cual, esta hecha, buenas terminaciones.
0 0
Posted by bryan l*** on 2014-01-28
Details: this thing works well with my fast helmet and maritime helmet
0 0
Posted by Hasan A*** on 2013-02-16
Details: Great product quality easy to install and fits perfectly to my opscore helmet, also easy to install parts and feels better if you got big head like me :)
0 0
Posted by Luis Eduardo Rodriguez P*** on 2012-09-18
Details: Great product... look at the pics, it's self explanatory XD and it does just what is supposed to
0 0
Posted by Ian S*** on 2012-09-13
Details: Nice, makes wearing the FAST helmet even more comfortable when using Comtech headsets.
0 0
Customers Images  
By: A******* I******* on 2017-05-26
Description: Great product i recommend it with comtac II headphones.. Thanks
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