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What is drop shipping?
Drop-shipping is a business mode in which you do not keep goods in stock. Instead you transfer your customers' orders and shipment details to Then will ship the goods directly to your customers. You keep the price difference during the transaction.

How does DropShipping Work?
1) Choose a product on our website
2) Advertise it on your website (You can also lists our products on or other online auction stores), Drop shipper could download the small unmarked pictures on our website by clicking the product categories, and for these whose order amount is over 500USD, you can get pictures without watermark by requesting permission from Trina in advance.
3) Your customer places & pays order on your website
4) You place the same order on our website with your customer's shipping information
5) We ship the products to your customers directly without our company's logo removed, so your custom won't know it is drop-shipping.
6) Your customers receive the products. In the whole drop-shipping process, you needn't to do anything just place orders on our website.

What are the benefits of drop-shipping and why do you choose as your drop-shipper?
1) You can start your own business without large number of money and become a retailer with little risk.
2) You can sell a wide range of products without investment.
3) You don't have to rent a warehouse and stock products - because you never have to buy products if they haven't been sold.
4) You neither have to buy packing materials and shipping labels, nor have to spend time on packaging and mailing the merchandise.
5) You could use our pictures and descriptions to help increase your sales at anywhere. 6) There is no minimum amount to limit your order.
7) You purchase products from us at wholesale price and set your own retailing price to gain profits.
Rebate as a dropshiper should meet the following requirement:
1) You have an account.
2) You use the same email address to place those dropship orders.
3) Your order amount in a month is over 500 USD
4) If your order applied any promotion code, then that order amount could not be added into the total amount.
Rebate: Coupon Code Amount = total order amount in a month *0.08 will ship your orders to anywhere with free shipping. Normally, it takes 7-15 business days by airmail from our Hong Kong warehouse (or Singapore warehouse). And for urgent orders, you could choose express shipping like DHL or EMS.

How do you deal with customers' information? Will you contact them directly?
Your customers' information is kept strictly confidential. We do not use or sell it for personal benefit.
We guarantee none of the followings will happen when we drop-ship.
1) We do not affix our company name or logo on the package.
2) We do not mark the drop-shipping price on the merchandise.
3) We do not contact your customers, so they will be still loyal to you.

With drop-shipping, there is no need for you to buy products first and you can sell products in the Internet (like, online store), in catalog sales, mail order, flea markets, retail stores, etc. You only buy what you have sold. Once you have sold a product, you buy the same one in our site and offer us the shopping address. We'll ship the product directly to your buyer. So you can earn the price difference.

Please choose from one of the topics below:

  1. What is drop shipping?
  2. Why do I need drop shipping?
  3. How do I benefit from drop shipping? Why choose as your DropShipper?
  4. How do you process and store my customer information, is it secure? Will you contact my customer directly?
  5. Can I use your product information including images and descriptions?
  6. Do you charge a fee for Dropshipping my merchandise?
  7. Do you offer free shipping for my drop shipping orders?
  8. Whats the minimum order for Dropshipping?
  9. Do I have to be a business to purchase products from you?
  10. Are Airsoftpeak's products good quality?
  11. Do you guys ship orders quick?
  12. Why my customer report his package was opened?
  13. Can I copy your website text and pictures for my re-selling business?
  14. Can I download unmarked product pictures from your website?
  15. How do I place a DropShipping order on your website?
  16. How can I contact if I have a question about payment/shipping/product price/ordering/order status/returns or any other queries?
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