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Q & A
Q: What if one of my visitors doesn't place an order on his/her first visit ?
A: There's up to 30 days cookie time. That means, if you refer someone to us and they don't buy right away, then when they revisit us and place an order in 30 days, you will also be automatically credited with the sale. And you can check the referred orders at any time.
Q: When and how will I get paid ?
A: You will get paid on or around 1st of each month. And we' ll send you the commissions via Paypal.
Q: It seems your commission rate is a little low?
A: Seen from the surface, it's a little low. But the average order amount on is ranging from $20~$300. So you could get $1~$15 commissions for one order. And if you own a decent blog, forum, or even a website, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars a day by posting some of our best sellers.
Tip: You can get a beginning at such places like,, and etc to generate huge views / replies .
Q: Can I get both commissions if I'm affiliate of not only ASP Affiliate Program but also the third parties like, and etc?
A: No. I'm sorry that you can only get commissions from one of the third party. The rest (including ASP affiliate program) might be recorded for reference but disabled.
   Affiliate Program is recruiting part-time marketing staff . If you love airsoft and want to do a part-time job , welcome you to join our Affiliate Program !

What is Affiliate Program Affiliate Program essentially allows you to generate revenues from every valid purchase conducted by you. When you successfully refer a customer to us and he or she makes a purchase, you earn commissions.
We provide you with all the tools you need as an affiliate. You can enter into your ASP Affiliate Account to see just how well you're doing as an affiliate. We handle the order, shipment, and billing. And all you do is to place the link and make money!

Free to Join Affiliate Program is a Pay for Sale program. It means we only pay commissions for the sale amount generated from you.
So there is no exact requirement to join .
Though it's better if you own an airsoft blog, forum or website or etc to get more commissions .
As long as you love airsoft and wanna make some additional incomes, you could apply to be our affiliates !

- No startup or maintenance fees
- 5% commission
- Up to 30 days cookie
- $60 average order amount
- Dedicated affiliate newsletters, account support

How to start
1. Sign up to be our affiliate .
2. Choose what you like to promote and create the affiliate URL.
3. Post your affiliate URL to anywhere you like (Shopping sites , Review sites , Coupon sites , Price Match sites , Blog , Forum, Twitter , Facebook , Youtube , etc)
4. Earn commissions from the sales sold via your links.

Set up ASP Affiliate Account now and enjoy your airsoft life better !

Or if there is any other questions, please feel free to contact us!
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